The Lake, Morris Graves Foundation, Windy Day


Ink and acrylics on paper

5 1/2 x 8 inches

Artist Residency

I was awarded a three-week private artist residency at the Morris Graves Foundation on the northern California coast ( I resided and worked in Morris Graves's (1910-2001) live-in studio that looked out upon a lake and was surrounded by a primordial redwood forest. Watching the black mirror-like surface of the lake going through myriad changes throughout the day in response to weather, breezes, and the movement of the sun was mesmerizing, while observing birds and wildlife right outside the bank of studio windows was a source of wonder. Following the foundation's guidelines, I was disconnected from all modern technologies and media including phone, electronic devices, and camera. This welcome retreat from the outside world inspired creativity and deep inner experiences in a pristine natural setting.